Saturday, June 27, 2020

From Seward to Girdwood

2020 will mark our 4th anniversary of the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon. In an effort to give as many athletes a “Taste of Alaskaman” as possible, we are opening up separate categories to our registration. This will not effect the main event. Those racing the entire extreme distance will still be the only ones eligible for the covenanted finisher’s shirt and ulu knife (back as a included finisher’s item in 2020), but allowing others to participate in events like the full relay, swim, aqua bike, duathlon, and 10-mile runs, really opens the event for growth and local support on a level we haven’t seen in past years. As always the main goal of our event(s) lies with the athlete and support experience, the camaraderie, and the purity of the sport. We love Alaska and we know anyone coming here to race will fall in love with the Last Frontier as well.



FRI, June 26, 2020

  • 06:00-07:00 Social Swim (must register)

  • 07:30-08:30 Social Run (must register)

  • 09:00-14:00 Packet Pickup (all events except the 10mi MTN run)

  • 15:00-16:00 Mandatory Briefing

  • 16:00-19:00 10mi MTN Run Packet Pickup (Alyeska Resort/Day Lodge)

SAT, June 27, 2020

  • 02:00-03:30 Transition Setup

  • 03:30-04:00 Bus to Swim Start

  • 04:15 Pre Race Announcements

  • 04:30 Swim Begins (Full, Aquabike, and Swim Only) - Duathlon begins as full distance athletes start leaving transition.

  • 06:20 Swim Ends

  • 08:15 10-Mile Run Announcements (Day Lodge @ Alyeska)

  • 08:30 10-Mile Run Starts (Day Lodge @ Alyeska)

  • 14:00 Bike Ends

  • 21:00 High Course Run Start Cutoff

  • 23:00 High & Low Course Runs Close

SUN, June 28, 2020

  • 09:00-09:30 Finisher Shirts

  • 09:30-09:45 Group Photo

  • 10:00-11:00 Store Available

  • 10:00-11:00 Brunch Served

  • 10:30 Awards Ceremony



There are a number of important addresses and coordinates that athletes, volunteers, and spectators will need to know for race weekend. Click the button below to access all of those locations.




Click the button below to read more about how to travel to and from Alaska along with everything necessary in between. There’s a common misconception that a trip to Alaska to do an extreme event like this is much more expensive than it actual is. It all depends on how many people are traveling and what types of accommodations you require.





  • $450 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $500 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $550 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $600 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26

141.6mi FULL XTRI - 2-3 Person RELAY team

  • $600 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $675 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $725 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $775 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26


  • $10 This fee and the fact you must be registered to test the water out the day before and run with us is only due to insurance requirements and fees go towards that coverage.

3,000m - SWIM

  • $55 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $70 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $75 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $85 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26

3,000m/113mi - AQUABIKE

  • $250 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $275 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $325 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $350 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26

113mi/27mi - DUATHLON

  • $275 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $300 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $375 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $400 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26

10mi - MTN RUN

  • $65 Kickoff - Sept 12-30

  • $75 Level 1 - Oct 1 - Nov 14

  • $85 Level 2 - Nov 15 - March 31

  • $100 Level 3 - April 1 - June 26



The Finisher’s Tech Shirt & Ulu Knife (both once you earn them)• Silicone Swim Cap • Athlete Numbers, Stickers, & Wristband • Support Crew Shirt & Wristband • GPS Tracking Via Phone & RaceJoy App


Event Shirt (all other events) • Finisher’s Medal (all other events - once you earn it) • Silicone Swim Cap (relay, swim, aquabike) • Athlete Numbers, Stickers, & Wristband (all other events except solo swim) • Support Crew Shirt & Wristband (all other events except solo swim & run) • GPS Tracking Via Phone & RaceJoy App (all other events except solo swim)


There are no refunds or transfers for any reason, however, we do offer same calendar year deferrals between our events for $50 and next year deferrals for $100. These deferrals must be completed by the athlete at least 2-months prior to the event they are not doing and the event they wish to take part in.



  • Full Wetsuit (to Ankles/Wrists)

  • Neoprene Cap

  • Booties

  • Goggles


  • US-CPSC Compliant Helmet

  • Constant White Front Light

  • Blinking Red Back Light

  • Florescent & Reflective Top

  • Protective Eyewear

  • Compression Bandage

  • Spare Tire Kit

  • Cell Phone w/Compass & RaceJoy Apps


  • Bear Spray

  • Hat, Gloves, Extra Socks, Water Resistant Baselayer

  • Camelbak or FuelBelt Type Hydration Pack/Belt

  • Compression Bandage

  • Whistle

  • Cell Phone w/Compass & RaceJoy Apps



This event is mostly a self supported event (especially the entire bike and last 10 miles of the run). What that means is that each athlete is 100% responsible for themselves on the bike. We provide no SAG and no hydration/nutrition stations on the bike. Each athlete must have a support crew (of at least 1) and vehicle dedicated to hydration/nutrition and mechanics on the bike course. On the run we provide hydration/nutrition stations every 5-16k depending on where you’re at. A support runner is mandatory for the last 10-miles of the run course and all support runners must have the same mandatory run gear required of each athlete.

Do not underestimate the run and your support’s ability to complete the last 10 mountain miles because neither athlete or support are allowed to leave each other on the mountain at any time for any reason, without disqualification and being banned for all future years.



Swim Course Profile

Distance: 3,000-meters/1.86-miles

Type: point-to-point

Average Depth: 150’/45-meters

Water Temp: 50°F/10°C

Air Temp: 55°F/13°C

Elevation: SeaLevel

Total Elevation Gain: 0

Bike Course Profile

Distance: 114-miles/183.5-kilometers

Type: point-to-point w/out-and-back

Terrain: pavement

Air Temp: 60°F/15.5°C

Starting Elevation: 150’/45-meters

Highest Elevation: 1,340’/408-meters

Ending Elevation: 150’/45-meters

Total Climbs: 10 (3-major)

Total Elevation Gain: 4,600’/1,400-meters

Run Course Profile

Distance: 27.5-miles/44.25-kilometers

Terrain: pavement, dirt road, forest trails, mountain trails, single track, scree

Air Temp: 70°F/21°C

Mountain Air Temp: 55°F/13°C

Starting Elevation: 150’/45-meters

Highest Elevation: 2,800’/854-meters

Ending Elevation: 150’/45-meters

Total Climbs: 7 (3-major)

Total Elevation Gain: 6,400’/1,950-meters



The official course cutoff times are listed at the bottom of the rules page. Click the link below and scroll down to review them. Please note that we have to be strict about these times because of the increased traffic later in the day and the elevated wildlife activity as the day progresses towards night. We may adjust the total time and time of day as the event approaches because of changes in distance but we will keep the pace shown as the average you must maintain.




Because of the extreme nature of this event in America’s Last Frontier, we have to have a lot of strict rules. Please read over them, know them, memorize them. Violation of any of these rules may lead to an immediate disqualification at the discretion of our officials.




Alaska is a wild place. Wildlife encounters are more common than you would think. While we cannot guarantee anything when it comes to the Alaskan Wilderness our goal is to educate all our athletes to the point they have every advantage and skill necessary to deal with an encounter the best they can.




Sponsors play an important roll in helping events like these to continue for years to come. Without volunteers, sponsors, local support, and registrations, these races would not exist. We work every day to form valuable relationships with local (and national) companies to expand the boundaries of our events, offer more to the athletes, and help these generous sponsors grow their business. We stand behind our sponsors and would never recommend a product to the athletes/public we haven’t had our own positive experiences with. We hope, whenever possible, you join us in giving these great businesses your patronage.