Choice #1 - CHAIN REACTION CYCLES (Anchorage) - Take your bike to your local bike shop and have them prepare and pack your bike for shipment to Chain Reaction Cycles, in Anchorage, Alaska.

Be sure to time this right and give their mechanics 5-7 days between when they get your bike and when you arrive, as they may be busy with other bikes. It's normal, when you ship your bike, to ship it out 10-14 days before you will arrive to pick it up. Be sure you have an extra bike at home to ride during that time if you chose this option. If planned properly this option is affordable and convenient knowing qualified mechanics have received and assembled your bike prior to the event. The same process (in reverse) would have to be performed after the event. Keep in mind you will have to pickup your bike when you get into Anchorage before your make your way down to Seward.

Jamie Stull - Owner
1+ (907) 336-0383

Chain Reaction Cycles
12201 Industry Way
Anchorage, AK 99515

Choice #2 - FLY WITH YOUR BIKE - Book Alaska Airlines for the cheapest rates for yourself, and your bike. For this option to be viable you will need your own bike bag (we recommend getting a good one, probably hardshell), the ability to at least take your pedals and headset off (most models require this) and put them back on when you get to Alaska. You can certainly go to a local shop where you live and have them prep the bike and put it in the bike bag and do the same to assemble it when you get to Alaska. This option usually costs $100-$300 each way in addition to your normal airline ticket (cost depends on airline, could be more) depending on which airline and flight you take. We have been told that Alaska Airlines charges $50 each way to fly with your bike (call to confirm). There's also risk of damaging your bike during the flight. It's not common but it does happen so we recommend taking out some type of bike insurance before you travel to be safe.