You can register without support but you must have support w/vehicle for the entire bike leg and at least the last 10-miles of the run (on the mountain). This can consist of just one support team member or more than one. If you want to register, are sure you can find support before the event, but don’t have it yet, you may register without it but remember you must have the mandatory support in order to take part in the event, and we have a strict no refunds policy. Below are a few Facebook Groups and some phone numbers of local Alaska groups that you may be able to hire people from to be your support team.


  • NO HYDRATION/NUTRITION STATIONS ON THE BIKE AND LIMITED ON THE RUN (ABOUT EVERY 10K OR MORE / VARIES PER EVENT) - Given the remote nature of XTri events it’s near impossible to put the amount of hydration/nutrition stations out that would be required as well as fully staff them. There just aren’t enough resources and manpower in most of these areas.

  • HELP TRACKING, MONITORING AND CARING FOR ATHLETES ON THE BIKE AND RUN - Given the remote nature of these events and the limited medical assets requiring each person to have a support team for the bike and run enables us to have an extra set of capable eyes on them at a higher frequency than the race alone is capable of.

  • SUPPORT MAKE GOOD MULES - On the bike the support car does the muling and your support team does the driving but on the run having your mandatory support runner by your side the entire time adds more fuel to your tank. Of course both the athlete and the support memeber(s) are required to have their own set of mandatory gear and hydration/nutrtion, but having that support also means you can load them up with extra liquids and solids so that if yours run out before the next station, you are covered! They can be life savers, literally.

  • THE MORE THE MARIER - The more support both physically and mentally that an athlete has during an event like this, the better. The course can be a lonely place and although that solitude is part of what makes XTri amazing, so is the comradely you feel sharing the experience with your support.

  • FUTURE ALASKAMAN FINISHERS - By requiring support on both the bike and the run we give that support person a look into the world of XTri. More often than not those support members either come back as support for others, join our XTri Staff, or better yet, become athletes themselves in the future. With such limited resources in these areas and XTri being a niche market, we need all the support and new athletes entering the ranks as possible to survive.


Support Team Captain job duties will include but are not limited to:

  • driving the athlete

  • carrying athlete bags

  • getting stuff for the athlete

  • going to packet pickup with the athlete

  • going to the pre race briefing with the athlete

  • helping the athlete in transition before the race starts

  • helping the athlete out of the water

  • helping the athlete through T1 - Swim-to-Bike Transition (changing, getting warm, prepping for the bike and getting out to the mount line)

  • identifying mileage and pull off areas along the bike course between miles 30-85 to be prepared to support the athlete with whatever they may need.

  • helping the athlete through T2 - Bike-to-Run Transition (changing, getting warm, prepping for the run and getting the athlete out onto that run)

  • putting all the athlete's gear into the car and clearing T2 quickly (not a storage area)

  • possibly running the first 17.5 miles of the run course if it's been discussed between athlete and support captain (not mandatory)

  • running the last 10-miles on Mt. Alyeska as a mandatory support runner (not easy and should be something both athlete AND support runner trains for vigorously)

  • celebrating with the athlete at the end of this monumental day

  • getting the athlete whatever they want and need afterwards

  • making sure they get up in enough time to make it to the awards brunch the next day

  • trying to have fun out there while doing all this work