RaceJoy : Live Race Day Tracking

TLDR: We REQUIRE all participants use and activate RaceJoy prior to starting the bike course to track participants throughout the race. Click here for a complete how-to on using the app.



RaceJoy delivers real-time interactive experiences for participants, spectators, and race operations. It offers a flexible platform that does not require extra equipment or integration with technology as it takes advantage of participants’ carrying their cell phone during an event.

Utilizing the technology in your pocket, RaceJoy provides near real-time tracking for race participants without compromising privacy (beyond the app itself), security, or excessive battery drain other than normal location tracking features.


We use RaceJoy because it provides a flexible and intuitive way for us to track athletes on the race course without the need for additional hardware on each participant. The RaceJoy monitoring dashboard allows us to track, near real-time location of all athletes and even allows us to communicate with everyone on the app either through broadcast messages or individual messages.

Because of the extreme nature of the event, a near real-time location of all athletes ensures we can quickly respond to distress signals or off-course alerts.

We REQUIRE that all athletes download the RaceJoy app and initialize it at the start of the bike portion of the event. There will be several emails leading up to the event with full detailed instructions on downloading and using the app.


RaceJoy provides many features for athletes, support teams, and spectators.

For athletes, RaceJoy provides progress updates, off-course alerts, automated social sharing, and the ability to receive real-time communication from race officials or “cheers” from support or spectators.

For support teams and spectators, RaceJoy provides “near me alerts”, set meetup points, send a “cheer” to an athlete with hundreds of pre-programmed fun and motivation messages, get real time progress updates on athletes, and more.

Check out a full list of RaceJoy features at http://www.racejoy.net/features.


The RaceJoy team has put together some great how-to videos for athletes, relay teams, and spectators/support. Click the button below to view RaceJoy tutorials.

You will need to download the app and get it setup before race day so you don’t run into any issues on race morning. Doing this where you have access to WiFi will ensure the maps are downloaded on your phone so if you run into cell service issues, you can continue receiving progress updates.


If you are worried that RaceJoy will eat up your battery too fast, they’ve put together some battery optimization tips to help increase the time RaceJoy can run. Additionally, part of the mandatory equipment on the bike and run is a battery charger to keep your phone topped off.


RaceJoy is an amazing tool that help us keep athletes safe while providing you and your support team, family, and friends updates on your location in near real-time. We work very closely with the RaceJoy team on optimizations to ensure the best possible experience for everyone.