Relay FAQ


How do I register for the relay?

Registering for the relay is essentially forming a team of 2-3 people who will compete in at least one (but less than all three) individual triathlon disciplines (swim, bike, run). If you are the “team captain” (the person creating the team), you will register for the relay just like any other event except you will be prompted to create a team name and password. A password is not required but is highly recommended. The team captain will pay the entire cost of the registration fee.

After the team is created and the team captain is registered, the other team members will be able to register by selecting the relay and selecting “join a team” instead of “create a team”. Team members will need to search for the team name and put in the team password (if prompted).

A RunSignUp-created tutorial for relay team creation can be found by clicking here.

A RunSignUp-created tutorial for joining a relay team can be found by clicking here.

Do I need 3 people to complete the relay?

No, relay teams can be either 2 or 3 people. If a team has only two team members, one member will have to complete two of the triathlon disciplines (swim, bike, run).

Can I split the cost with my team members?

No, the relay team fee is paid by the person creating the team (team captain). Other team members join the team for free which is why we recommend you include a password when you create your team.

What if one of my team members can’t make the race after they have registered?

Relay team members can be changed until one month before the race. There is a $50 team transfer fee for each team member transfer processed. To process a team member change you will need to contact us so we can remove the team member who is not participating and then the new team member will need to join the team like any other member.


Will each team member be assigned a different race number?

No, all team members are assigned the same race number and your results will be posted under your team name.

Do all team members need to be present at packet pickup?

Yes, all team members will be required to check-in at packet pickup. This is for compliance with our insurance provider and to make sure all athletes participating in the event are checked-in.

Do we still need race support?

Yes, you will still need the required support. You can find details about what the support team entails for each race at the following links: AKXTRI, ISLXTRI, HIXTRI.

However, your relay team members can be part of your support team. One example of how this could look on race day is:

  • Athlete #1 participates in the swimming portion of the race and completes is within the allotted time.

  • Athlete #2 and athlete #3 are waiting in transition and help athlete #1 out of their swim gear and to warm up for a few minutes.

  • Athlete #2 begins the bike and athlete #1 and athlete #3 are the support team driving the vehicle and supporting athlete #2 throughout the bike.

  • The support team (athlete #1 and athlete #3) arrive in T2 prior to the athlete #2 after supporting them as much as necessary so they can begin preparing for the athlete #3’s run.

  • Athlete #2 arrives in T2 and Athlete #3 begins the run.

  • For the AKXTRI, a support runner is required for the mountain section (last 10 miles) of the course so that could be either athlete #1 or athlete #2. For ISLXTRI and HIXTRI, a support runner is not required so athlete #3 can complete the entire run course themselves.

  • When athlete #3 crosses the finish line, the team celebrates their accomplishment together!

If my relay team members are going to my support team, do they need to register as support?

Yes, anyone acting as support whether participating or not will need to register as support. This is so we can link up the registrations prior to packet pickup to ensure all athletes have the required support.

Do we have to transfer the chip person-to-person or do we each get one?

Most our events are manually time without a chip so there is nothing to hand off to the next team member. As our events continue to grow, we may implement chip timing at some of our events. When/if that happens, relay teams will be assigned a single chip and strap so it will need to be transferred from athlete to athlete.


Can relay teams attend the post race brunch?

Of course, we welcome all athletes and support teams to the post race brunch.

Will I receive a finisher’s shirt?

No, the finisher’s shirt is reserved for athletes that complete the entire course themselves. Each relay team member will receive a finisher’s medal at the post race brunch.

Will I be able to get in the group photo?

Of course! We will have a few different group photos; one with all athletes, one with the individual course finishers, one with just relay course finishers, and one with all athletes and support.