special savings offer

Save $50-100 per event registration when you register for multiple E3 events (Alaskaman, Iceland, Alohaman) in the same calendar year.

  • Register for 2 events and receive $50 off each event

  • Register for 3 events and receive $100 off each event

How to Claim

As of right now, you will need to register normally for each race at full price and then email us to receive your refund for each event. Once we receive your email we will credit your card on file with the amount owed based on how many events you registered for.


You don’t need to register for all the races you want to participate in at once but you must submit your refund claim prior to the first event you are registered for. For example, if you registered for the AKXTRI then complete the event and then register for the HIXTRI the refund will only be applied to the HIXTRI registration.