We challenge you to rethink triathlon.

Through the years triathlon has steadily evolved towards normality over adventure, routine over spontaneity, and substance over experience. The challenge of swimming, biking, and running was meant to breed competition and camaraderie, courage and bravery, admiration and respect. From the first triathlon in France in the 1920’s to the birth of the modern day sport in sunny Southern California during the 70’s, triathlon has a rich history and culture that started out of a desire to test the limit of the mind, body, and spirit. As with anything in life, time, growth, and expansion push our ideals further from their origins. We believe it’s time to rethink triathlon, to get back to how it all began, and reestablish our relationship with the sport we all love.

Extreme Triathlon revisits the days of athlete versus nature, determination versus the clock, and perseverance versus self-doubt. Whether you’re conquering the cold waters and wild mountains of Alaska, the windy roads and stunning terrain of Iceland, or the tropical waters and brutal ascents of The Big Island of Hawaii, we invite you to come along on an extreme journey that you will never forget and will reshape you as a triathlete.