Saturday, JULY 25, 2020

Olafsvik - Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

Iceland is on everyone’s bucket list. With a rich Nordic History dating back as early as the 9th Century, Ísland (Iceland) is a land of proud people and somewhere everyone wants to visit. The Ísland Extreme Triathlon Swim Course takes place in Kolgrafarfjördur, a cove that was carved out, and now protected by the steep mountains that surround it. Kolgrafarfjördur is continuously fed by the tides of the North Atlantic making the water salty and the temperatures low. From there the bike course takes athletes on a rolling, yet scenic, tour of the Snæfellsness Peninsula. With mostly empty roads, the main challenge, beyond the ascents/descents, will be the wind. Iceland is known for it’s unrelenting wind, which is at times some of the strongest in the world. The run course from Ólafsvík to Arnarstapi and back is no small task having to climb and descend Snæfellsjökull twice (out-and-back) before finishing the event at the foot of a waterfall and old Icelandic ruins.

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FRI, JULY 24, 2020

  • 06:00-07:00 Social Swim

  • 07:45-08:45 Social Run

  • 09:00-14:00 Packet Pickup

  • 14:30-15:30 Mandatory Briefing

SAT, JULY 25, 2020

  • 02:00-03:30 Parking & Transition Setup

  • 03:45 Pre Race Announcements

  • 04:00 Swim Begins

  • 06:15 Swim Ends

  • 14:20 Bike Ends

  • 11:00 Run Course Closes

SUN, JULY 26, 2020

  • 09:00-09:30 Finisher Shirts

  • 09:30-09:45 Group Photo

  • 10:00-11:00 Store Available

  • 10:00-11:00 Brunch Served

  • 10:30 Awards Ceremony



There are a number of important addresses and coordinates that athletes, volunteers, and spectators will need to know for race weekend. Click the button below to access all of those locations.




Click the button below to read more about how to travel to and from Iceland along with everything necessary in between. There’s a common misconception that a trip to Iceland to do an extreme event like this is much more expensive than it actual is. It all depends on how many people are traveling and what types of accommodations you require.




  • $450 Kickoff - Sep 30- Oct 14

  • $475 Early - Oct 15 - Nov 30

  • $550 Regular - Dec 1 - Apr 30

  • $600 Late - May 1 - July 24


  • $650 Kickoff - Sept 30 - Oct 14

  • $675 Early - Oct 15 - Nov 30

  • $750 Regular - Dec 1 - Apr 30

  • $800 Late - May 1 - July 24


Silicone Swim Cap • Athlete Numbers, Stickers, & Wristband • Support Crew Shirt & Wristband


There are no refunds or transfers for any reason, however, we do offer same calendar year deferrals between our events for $50 and next year deferrals for $100. These deferrals must be completed by the athlete at least 2-months prior to the event they are not doing and the event they wish to take part in.



  • Full Wetsuit (to Ankles/Wrists)

  • Neoprene Cap

  • Booties

  • Goggles


  • CPSC Compliant Helmet

  • Constant White Front Light

  • Blinking Red Back Light

  • Florescent & Reflective Top

  • Protective Eyewear

  • Compression Bandage

  • Spare Tire Kit

  • Cell Phone w/Compass


  • Hat, Gloves, Extra Socks, Water Resistant Baselayer

  • Camelbak or FuelBelt Type Hydration Pack/Belt

  • Compression Bandage

  • Whistle

  • Cell Phone w/Compass



This event is partially self supported. What this means is that from the start of the event through the end of the bike the athlete is 100% responsible for their own support. Each athlete MUST have a support team (of at least 1) and vehicle, to leapfrog them on the bike course offering hydration/nutrition to them along the way. The athlete and their support are also responsible for all bike mechanics as we do not provide any SAG support along the way.

For the Ísland (Iceland) Extreme Triathlon run support is optional. We have hydration/nutrition stops every 10k on the run course stocked with everything an athlete would need to make it from station to station assuming they have a way to stock up and carry enough with them. We do allow and encourage support runners and if you do run with one your options are to do the entire course with someone, or just the first half, or just the second half. You can only start and drop support at the run start and the half way point, you may NOT leave or pickup support anywhere else on the mountain.



Swim Course Profile

Freshwater lake swim at the base of the most famous mountain in Iceland, Kirkjufell. The lake is shallow, a bit warmer than the ocean, and has a 125-150m shin deep run in and exit to get to the actual course, making it that much tougher.

Distance: 3,862-meters/2.4-miles

Type: loop

Average Depth: 6-7’/2.5-meters

Water Temp: 55°F/13°C

Air Temp: 55°F/13°C

Elevation: SeaLevel

Total Elevation Gain: 0

Bike Course Profile

This increased distance and total gain is “tentative.” We are very confident we can add an out and back section of about 12-miles/19k that is a very large and scenic climb up a smooth mountain road. More to come.

Distance: 121-miles/195-kilometers

Type: big loop w/an out-and-back climb

Terrain: pavement

Air Temp: 55°F/13°C (windy)

Starting Elevation: Sea Level

Highest Elevation: 1,425’/435-meters

Ending Elevation: Sea Level

Total Climbs: 8 (4-major)

Total Elevation Gain: 8,100’/2,525-meters

Run Course Profile

The information below is from last year’s run. We are working hard to remove the out-and-back dogleg section near the turnaround point and instead insert an out and back single track trail run to the base of the glacier on the mountain. This would add another degree of difficulty and a lot more climbing but produce even more amazing views.

Distance: 27-miles/43.25-kilometers

Terrain: pavement, mountain dirt roads & trails

Air Temp: 55°F/13°C (windy)

Mountain Air Temp: 45°F/7.5°C (windy)

Starting Elevation: Sea Level

Highest Elevation: 2,540’/775-meters

Ending Elevation: Sea Level

Total Climbs: 7 (3-major)

Total Elevation Gain: 5,250’/1,600-meters



The official course cutoff times are listed at the bottom of the rules page. Click the link below and scroll down to review them. Overall we will be strict on these but depending on the weather our strictness may vary. Assume you must meet all cutoffs listed to continue unless told otherwise.




Because of the extreme nature of this event in The Land of Fire & Ice, we have to have a lot of strict rules. Please read over them, know them, memorize them. Violation of any of these rules may lead to an immediate disqualification at the discretion of our officials.




Sponsors play an important roll in helping events like these to continue for years to come. Without volunteers, sponsors, local support, and registrations, these races would not exist. We work every day to form valuable relationships with local (and national) companies to expand the boundaries of our events, offer more to the athletes, and help these generous sponsors grow their business. We stand behind our sponsors and would never recommend a product to the athletes/public we haven’t had our own positive experiences with. We hope, whenever possible, you join us in giving these great businesses your patronage.