frequently asked questions

This section contains answers to questions that are frequently asked by both first time participants and those that have done the event before. Please make sure you read through all the FAQs prior to sending questions.


lodging & travel

Lodging and travel FAQs will be posted here soon.


For registration details and answers to most questions please see the REGISTRATION page.

When does registration open? 
Registration will open in the early fall. Check back regularly and/or signup for our newsletter by completing the form below and follow us on social media. See the REGISTRATION page for details.

How many total spots are available? 
See the REGISTRATION page for details.

Why is there a limited number of spots available? 
We limit the number of available spots to race for a number of reasons. 1) To keep the race exclusive and small to enhance the overall experience. 2) To keep the race from impacting local traffic and disrupting business and tourism in Iceland. 3) To keep the race safer. Less athletes means an easier to manage field with more space between athletes. 4) To keep consistent with the real identity of the race. To stay in touch with the grass roots of the sport.

What is the cost of the race? 
See the REGISTRATION page for details.

Are there refunds, transfers, or deferrals? 
No, there are no refunds, transfers, or deferrals allowed. See the REGISTRATION page for details.

packet pickup

For packet pickup detail and answers to most questions please see the PACKET PICKUP page.

Can someone pickup up my packet for me? 
No, the rules state that an athlete must pickup must pickup their packet themselves with their support team captain. See PACKET PICKUP page for details.

Can I pick up my packet on race morning? 
No, all packets must be picked up at the designated times. See PACKET PICKUP page for details.

Do I need an ID to pickup my packet? 
Yes, you must have government issued photo identification to pickup your packet. See PACKET PICKUP page for details.

support crew

For support crew details and answers to most questions please see the SUPPORT CREW page.

Why am I required to have my own support crew? 
Ìsland Extreme Triathlon is a remote race that is extreme and very, very difficult. Not only is a support crew necessary to help ensure your safety and success, it's also necessary to truly enjoy the adventure, beauty and overall accomplishment of the athlete. A race like this, in a place like this, is best enjoyed with a friend and/or family member.

Am I REALLY required to have a support crew or can I get away with doing it myself? 
You MUST have at least one person on your support crew. You will not be allowed to race without at least one person there to help you during the race. You will need it. It is for your own safety and enjoyment.

How many support crew members and vehicles can I have? 
Each athlete is required to have at least one support crew member (the Captain) and at most one support team vehicle. You can have more than one member to your crew but we will only provide one team shirt and wristband for entrance and exit by your team member to the swim exit, T1, and T2. The shirt must be worn by the support member that is helping you in those three areas. The wristband must be worn by the support member that is running with you on the mandatory (and non mandatory) area(s) of the course. Each team is only permitted to have one vehicle. This is for congestion and safety reasons. The course is tight (especially on the bike and sections of the run). Too many cars parked on the side of the road is dangerous for the athletes, support teams, and other travelers just trying to go about their days.

finisher item(s)

What finisher’s item(s) will I receive? 
All finisher's will receive a blue finisher's tech shirt. Other items are available for sale and ordering (if we run out) in the online store and after the event at the awards brunch. There are no age awards. The only awards given are to the top three male/female finisher's of the entire race. The overall male/female winners will receive a prize check that will be donated to a charity of their choice.

When will I receive my finisher’s item(s)? 
All finisher's items will be awarded on Sunday Morning (the day after) at our finisher's brunch. Anyone that cannot stay for this may pay shipping at a later time to have the items mailed to them. Only the actual finisher may request the items. We will not give out any items early (prior to the brunch). You have to either get them at the brunch or have them mailed later.


What happens if the water is abnormally cold? 
In the event the water dips down around 10°C (50°F) we will look at shortening the swim to 2,000m to keep everyone safe.

Do I or can I check my bike the night before? 
No, all bikes are to be checked in starting at 0315 (3:15am) the morning of the race and the Transition Area must be clear by 0430 (4:30am).

Where do I change out of my cold clothes? 
There are no changing tents but you most certainly will want to get out of your cold clothes and get warm and put on some dry ones prior to riding. There's a couple of ways to do this. 1) Just get naked for 10 seconds and deal with it. 2) Buy a swim parka (Speedo or TYR) that's big, warm and long and you can easily change under that. 3) You can also accomplish this with a towel but it's harder. There's surely other things you can do but this isn't that big of a deal, so figure it out. On the course(s) if you change, it's up to you how and wear.