Packet Pickup Begins at TBD



Packet Pickup Begins at TBD


  • GOVERNMENT ISSUED PHOTO IDS - All athletes will be required to show a government issued photo ID to pickup your packet (driver’s license or Passport preferred). Onsite proof of an annual or 1-day USA Triathlon license is not necessary as our registration system auto verifies at time of registration.

  • YOU MUST PICKUP YOUR PACKET - All athletes must pick up their own packet in person during packet pickup hours. There is no event day packet pickup. No exceptions.

  • ATHLETE AGE DETERMINATION - The athlete's age is determined by how old they are at the end of that event year (12/31/XX).

  • WHO IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND PACKET PICKUP AND THE PRE RACE BRIEFING - All athletes and their support team captains are required to checkin to packet pickup TOGETHER and to be at the pre-race briefing TOGETHER, no exceptions. We would prefer that if an athlete has more than one support team member that all team members come to packet pickup together and sign the paperwork. The athlete, and ALL support team members MUST sign the support waiver. However, do realize that in some situations the entire team may not be able to make it. It's mandatory the athlete and captain checkin together but if the rest of the team (if more than just those two) cannot make it, the athlete should send the support team waiver to the other member(s), have them fill it out and sign it, and the athlete or support team captain may turn those absentee waiver forms on their behalf during packet pickup.

  • MOUNTAIN RUN PACK INSPECTION - All athletes are required to show their run pack they will carry with them for the entire run with all the mandatory items. If the athlete checking in is going to have a support runner (not mandatory for the run) then they must also checkin and show their bag as well at packet pickup.

  • EVENT WAIVER - Below you will find our event waiver(s). Each athlete and each support person must fill one of these out and turn them in at packet pickup to participate in this event.


The video below is from Alaskaman NOT Iceland, however, it gives a general idea of what to do with the items you will receive at packet pickup.


None of these items will be mailed or given out before or after the packet pickup days/times. You must pick up your own packet and you must be present to claim your packet. There will be no exceptions to this rule. Unclaimed packets will either be discarded or reused next year (if possible). Each athlete’s bike support must be present at packet pickup as well. If an athlete has an additional runner (different) that is running with them (not mandatory) then that support runner must checkin at packet pickup as well.

The graphics below are examples from the Alaskaman XTRI but show how the body and support markings should be placed.
 Click images to download and enlarge.

  • (1) Athlete - Silicone Swim Cap - logo and number printed on each side. Bright color for visibility. Neoprene caps are required for warmth but the bright event silicone cap must be worn over it (outside) at all times.

  • (1) Athlete - Temporary Set of Body Marking Tattoos - Upper arms or forearms on skin. Allow at least a few minutes to dry before putting on your wetsuit over them.

  • (3) Athlete - Bike Helmet Numbers - Helmet stickers are to be worn on the front and both sides of the helmet.

  • (2) Athlete - Bike Frame Stickers - Bike frame stickers go on either your seat post/tube, top tube, down tube, or head tube. Pretty much anywhere EXCEPT the fork chain or seat stays. Once you identify where is most visible of the choices above (preferred choices listed in the order we would like) please match the sticker placement on both sides of the bike.

  • (4) Athlete - Extra Stickers - Sticker sheets have 10 per sheet. We use 6 so you have 4 extra for whatever you want to use them for.

  • (2) Athlete - Bike/Run Bib Numbers - All athletes must wear their bib number reversed on the ride and to the front on the run. You can use the same one for both or use one for the ride and the other (identical one) for the run if the bike one gets messed up or you just want to use a new one for the run. We don't care if you use just one, or both throughout the race as long as your number is visible at all times.

  • (1) Athlete - Wristband - It will be how we verify athletes in transition and along the way on event day. Please also wear this to Sunday brunch if you’re attending in order to claim your finisher’s items. Those wishing to eat the provided brunch must purchase tickets. The wristband does not constitute an event day dinner or day after brunch meal, both must be separately purchased.

  • (1) Support Team - Shirt - We give the support team captain a t-shirt at packet pickup. If your team has more than one support team member we recommend ordering the shirt size of the largest member so that when/if the shirt is exchanged throughout the day, it fits everyone on your team. Only one shirt is given per team. We will sell any additional shirts we have at the brunch the next day. The 1 support shirt is to be worn by whomever is helping the athlete out of the water, through T1, and through T2. This can be the same person the entire time or the shirt can be switched and it can be different support team members as long as the person doing it has the shirt on.

  • (1) Support Team - Wristband - We also give the support team captain a wristband. The 1 wristband is to be worn by whomever is running with the athlete. If no one is running with the athlete and the only support team member is just supporting on the bike that person should wear the wristband.

  • (2) Support Team - Car Stickers - We will give each athlete/support captain 2 stickers in their packet. One will be included on the 10 sticker sheet (small 2"x4") and simply have the athlete's number. This small sticker goes on the front windshield, bottom right. The other sticker will be a half page sticker (large 8.5"x11") and will go on the back windshield, bottom left corner. Neither sticker should hinder the visibility of the driver but they should be visible to riders, other cars, and race officials at all times. Any cars without the stickers seen helping cyclists may result in a penalty or disqualification.