We recommend booking your trip (flight, bike transport, rental car, hotels) as soon as you possibly can after registering. Keep in mind that July is tourist season in Iceland and everything fills quickly under normal circumstances. 

We also recommend, at the very least, you arrive in Iceland a full 48 hours before the event. If you can get there even earlier, you should. 48-hours does technically allow for enough time to pickup your rental car, make your way north, do the practice swim (Friday Morning), pickup your packet, attend the mandatory meeting (Friday Afternoon), relax, and be in bed to get plenty of rest before the event starts at 04:00 on Saturday morning. The event concludes on Saturday, whenever you finish, or 11pm, whatever comes first. The next morning (Sunday) we will have a brunch during which we will present the finisher's items (shirt), overall awards, and take the group photo. Plan on dismissing on Sunday around 11:00.

Return flights, assuming you want to be at the Finisher's Brunch, should be scheduled no earlier than 15:00 Sunday. That means that most trips will need to be a total of at least 4-days / 3-nights. We hope that you and your support crew, family, friends decide to come earlier and stay later to explore all the fun, adventure, and beauty Iceland has to offer.


We recommend you book your roundtrip flight(s) and rental car from Keflavik International Airport, Iceland. There are no commercial flights available to the peninsula and you can expect about a 3-hour drive from the airport.


Only Smart Choice - FLY WITH YOUR BIKE - For this option to be viable you will need your own bike bag (we recommend getting a good one, probably hardshell), the ability to at least take your pedals and headset off (most models require this) and put them back on when you get to Iceland. You can certainly go to a local shop where you live and have them prep the bike and put it in the bike bag and do the same to assemble it when you get to Iceland. This option usually costs $100-$300 each way in addition to your normal airline ticket (cost depends on airline, could be more) depending on which airline and flight you take. We have been told that some airlines going to Iceland charge $50-$100 each way to fly with your bike (call to confirm). There's also risk of damaging your bike during the flight. It's not common but it does happen so we recommend taking out some type of bike insurance before you travel to be safe.



At this moment we do NOT have any lodging/accommodation deals. We are working on it but we may not have any when registration opens. Because of the limited amount of rooms in that area of the country and the 2-3 hour drive from the airport we do NOT recommend you get a room in Reykjavik for the days directly surrounding the event. For this reason, if we do not have deals on lodging posted when you register, please do not wait. More likely than not the available rooms will be booked up at full price if you wait and you may be forced to stay hours away.

Below are the cities we would recommend staying in, in the order we would recommend them due to proximity and convenience. There are a number of places to stay in each town (hotels, hostels, condos, and B&Bs). We recommend using Airbnb or some other similar service as well as a simple google map search of the area(s). You will also find places to stay in the areas but outside of them directly, that we have listed below. We wanted to just list the areas with the most places to make your search quick and easy.


This is the location of T2, Run Start, and Finish Line. This is also the location where we will likely hold our Packet Pickup, Pre Race Briefing, and our Finisher’s Brunch (although not yet confirmed). The one downside is that this location is furthest from the swim start at 34k/21m.


This location is only 8k/5m from our swim start but is 16m from everything happening in Ólafsvík but is a really nice town and a great choice to stay in.


This is a quaint scenic harbor town with a marina. A pleasure to stay in but the furthest away from everything. This town is 34k/21m from our swim start and 64l/40m away from everything else in Ólafsvík, but still an option if you don’t mind a bit of a drive and have limited options.


This is the farthest away from all things concerning the event. If you book late or just want to stay off peninsula this will work. It is certainly a much better choice than staying in Reykjavik as staying in Borgarnes cuts your drive in half at least. Borgarnes is about 96.5k/60m from our swim start and 115k/72m from Ólafsvík (if you take the southern route around and through the peninsula). We do not recommend this option first, only as a last choice just because of the distance to the race site(s).