We recommend booking your trip (flight, bike transport, rental car, hotels) as soon as you possibly can after registering. Keep in mind that July is tourist season in Iceland and everything fills quickly under normal circumstances. 

We also recommend, at the very least, you arrive in Iceland a full 48 hours before the event. If you can get there even earlier, you should. 48-hours does technically allow for enough time to pickup your rental car, make your way to packet pickup, pickup your packet (Thursday or Friday), do the practice swim (Friday Morning), attend the mandatory meeting (Friday Afternoon), relax, and be in bed to get plenty of rest before the event starts at 4am on Saturday morning. The event concludes on Saturday, whenever you finish, or 11pm, whatever comes first. The next morning (Sunday) we will have a brunch at 10am during which we will present the finisher's items, overall charity awards, and take the group photo. Plan on dismissing on Sunday around Noon.

Return flights, assuming you want to be at the Finisher's Brunch, should be scheduled no earlier than 3pm Sunday. That means that most trips will need to be a total of at least 4-days / 3-nights. We hope that you and your support crew, family, friends decide to come earlier and stay later to explore all the fun, adventure, and beauty Iceland has to offer.


We do not currently have any deals on flights or rental vehicles.

When purchasing your airfare fly into the Icelandic Capital of Reykjavik. The airport there is KEF or Keflavik Airport. They have shuttles available to your rental car company of choice.

When renting a vehicle we recommend you keep in mind the amount of people that will be in it and the demands you will put on it. Small cars are great money savers but fitting 2-3 people (or more) a bike, all your gear, plus nutrition and hydration yet to come will be nearly impossible in a very small car. Plan accordingly.

Book airfare and reserve your rental care EARLY or you’ll be out of luck. From KEF the drive to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is between 2-3 hours depending on where you’re going on the peninsula. Most people are going to stay at or near the finish line in Olafsvík as it’s not far from swim start either, and that’s about 2hrs 45min from the airport.