Event-To-Event Transfers

We will be honoring individual transfer requests between events, within the same calendar year. If you register for any of the E3 events (Alaskaman, Ísland, and/or Alohaman), and cannot attend, you may submit a request (once) to transfer that entry to either of our other events in that same calendar year.

A $30 transfer fee will be assessed and you MUST finalize the transfer at least 2-months before both the event you are transferring out of and the event you are transferring into.

How to Claim

To process your transfer, you will need to “Manage Your Registration” either through the link in you registration confirmation email or your can visit your RunSignUp profile page. From there you’ll select the option to process an “Event Transfer”. If the option is available you can select the race you want to transfer to. For more assistance please see the View/Edit a Registration tutorial from RunSignUp.


Event-to-event transfers are only allowed to an event in the same calendar year and must be processed two months prior to the event you are transfering out of.